Rental Policy

                                                                            TERMS & CONDITIONS

Cancellation & Rain Policy:  This contract, after signing, is a legal and binding contract. To cancel or reschedule, sufficient notice must be given – at least 24 hours prior to delivery of items. Any rescheduling of event is subject to availability.

Equipment:  Customer agrees that lessee is renting the equipment described above for lawful purpose. The intended use of equipment by lessee will not infringe upon any third party use. Lessee agrees that the equipment will be returned to Tents for Rent after the rental date. In the event that the lessee fails to return the equipment at the expiration of rental, lessee will be charged for the time equipment is in possession. Lessee further agrees that the equipment will be returned in the same condition as when it was rented to lessee.

Hold Harmless/ Indemnity:  Lessee assumes all risk and liability for the use and operation of the equipment and for personal injuries and property damage arising from or incidental thereto and lessee shall protect, defends, indemnify, and save harmless Tents for Rent against any/all claims, demands, or causes of action of every kind arising in favor or any person, including but not limited to the lessee and his/her guest on account of personal injury ,  death, or damage to property, growing out of incident to or resulting directly or indirectly from the performance of the rental agreement, from any cause whatsoever.

Safety:  Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented and protect all persons and property from injury or damage. Customer acknowledges the weight load on chairs is not to exceed 300 pounds. Customer acknowledges that they are in charge of checking weather conditions and admittance of people in the tent and will evacuate all people from tent if wind exceeds 25MPH. It is not recommended for the customer or lessee, or/and guest to use, occupy or be in vicinity of tents during or after snow accumulation until snow has melted or been removed. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Tents for Rent is not responsible for any injury occurring to customer, or any guest of customer or to any other persons using the rental equipment or to any claims by any other person(s) injured by or on account of the rental equipment while the equipment is in the possession of the customer.

Insurance & Permits:  Lessee is responsible for securing necessary permits if required. Tents for Rent will assist with providing certificate of insurance (additional cost $25.) If other information is necessary to secure permits Tents for Rent will assist if able.

Missing or Damaged Items:  Tents for Rent will pick up items 1-2 days after scheduled event. If not all items are present, any item not returned to Tents for Rent after an additional 2 days, it is considered missing. Missing or damaged items will be charged to lessee at replacement cost.

Final Payment:  Final payment is due upon delivery unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery. Tents for Rent accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and/or American Express.

Delivery & Set Up:  Your order will be delivered 1-3 days before the scheduled event date unless arranged otherwise. Tents for Rent will strive to accommodate clients delivery request; however, we reserve the right to reschedule delivery to another reasonable time. We try to communicate any scheduling changes as they occur. All items will be delivered and picked up at designated location. Delivery is to stated location of property or main level of building. Lessee must be available at setup to confirm location of equipment and verify items delivered. Lessee will confirm equipment will fit in location. Location must be able to secure equipment properly. If Tents for Rent staff is requested to return prior to scheduled pick up time, additional fees may apply.

Weather: Tents are temporary shelters designed to handle most normal weather conditions; however, there may be situations that become unsafe such as, but not limited to, winds exceeding 25mph, lightning or heavy thunderstorms. Evacuation of tent is required in these unsafe conditions.


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