Rental Policy

Tents for Rent Inc Terms and Conditions

This rental contract (“Contract”) is entered into on the date on the other side between the customer whose name appears on other side (Customer”), andTents for Rent Inc.. In entering into this Contract, Customer and Tents for Rent Inc. agree to the following terms:

1. EQUIPMENT. . Customer agrees that Customer is renting the equipment described above (“Equipment”) for a lawful purpose, and that the intended use of the Equipment by Customer will not infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights. Customer further agrees that the Equipment will be returned to Tents for Rent Inc. after the rental date. In the event that Customer fails to return the Equipment at or prior to expiration of the Rental Period, Customer will be charged a fee equal to 150% of the Rental. Fee set forth above, for each period of time equivalent to the Rental Period. Customer further agrees that the equipment will be returned in the same condition as when it was rented by Customer

2. RENTAL POLICY. Rental charges begin on the day equipment is picked up or delivered and ends on the day returned. Rental of equipment is for up to two over nights at one day rate as the customer requests.Tents for Rent Inc. has the options to deliver and install prior to date of event at no extra charge.Full payment for order is required with receipt of equipment unless previous arrangements have been made with Tents fro Rent Inc..

3. INSURANCE. Customer is required to secure the necessary information required for a certificate of insurance requirements. Permits are the responsibity of the customer. Tents for Rent Inc. will secure certificate if required. There is an extra fee for the certificate of insurance.

4. RATES. All rates charged shall be the prices of Tents for Rent Inc. in force at the time that the work order was taken.

5. RESPONSIBLE OF CUSTOMER Customer is responsible for personal under ground utilities examples: sprinkler water lines, BBQ gas lines. Customer is not to use silly string, cray paper, cook under tents, or have a fire under or near a tent.

6. CONTINUING GUARANTEE. The individual signing this Contract represents that they are authorized by the Customer to enter into this agreement, and that, in the event thatindividual is signing on behalf of a corporation, limited liability company, or Limited partnership, then that individual unconditionally guarantees to pay to Tents for Rent Inc., in lawful money of the United States, any and all fees and damages associated with this Contract.

7. RESERVATIONS & CANCELLATIONS. We recommend that you reserve equipment at least three weeks in advance. Cancellations may be made up until date of event and as longas we do not deliver equipment. If equipment is delivered and equipment is not needed delivery fees will be applied. There are no cancellation fees otherwise…

8. INSPECTION/WARRANTY/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. It is the policy of Tents for Rent Inc to carefully check all rentals and services provided by Tents for Rent Inc. at time of delivery. On all rentals, the client shall inspect and verify completeness of the order and accept full responsibility for correct application of the equipment, facilities or materials provided by Tents for Rent Inc.. Tents for Rent Inc. neither assumes nor accepts any liability of any kind arising out of rentals, equipment, facilities, materials or any other service provided by Tents for Rent Inc., including equipment failure, and client accepts all equipment in an “as is” condition following inspection and verification by client.

9. DELIVERY AND RETURN: For purposes of this Agreement, Customer shall be deemed to have taken delivery of the Property from the time the Property is set aside from Tents for Rent Inc. general inventory for Customers use. Customer shall be deemed to have returned the Property only at such time as Customer shall have returned. The acceptance of the returned Property is not a waiver by Tents for Rent Inc. of any
claims Tents for Rent Inc. may have against Customer, nor a waiver of claims for latent or after discovered damage to the Property.

10. LOSS, DAMAGE OR THEFT. The Customer is responsible for any loss, damage, or theft that might occur to the equipment while it is in his possession. The Customer is responsiblefor the full replacement cost for any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Replacement cost is current price for new equipment. In the event that an item is no longer availableas new, the nearest model of similar equipment will be used to determine the replacement cost. The judgment of Tents for Rent Inc. is conclusive upon the Customer in determination of replacement cost. The Customer is also responsible for any damage that might occur to Tents for Rent Inc. equipment, prior to the Customer’s possession, if such damage is done by the Customer, or Customer’s agent during the examination of the equipment.Any equipment declared by the Customer to be lost or stolen will be charged for the full rental rate plus cost of equipment. The rental charges are not applicable towards charges for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

11. ENTIRE AGREEMENT, NO ORAL MODIFICATION. Customer and Tents for Rent Inc. agree that this Contract Constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and that any oral representations by wither party prior to execution of this Contract are of no force or effect whatsoever. Customer and Tents for Rent Inc. further agree that this Contract may be modified or amended only in writing, signed by the party affected thereby.

12. INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS. Customer agrees that, in the event that Tents for Rent Inc. is sued by any third party in connection with, or relating to, this Contract,then Customer shall indemnify Tents for Rent Inc., and hold Tents for Rent Inc. harmless against any and all fees and costs, and damages of any kind, associated therewith, and that in the event a legal action is filed, Customer will reimburse Tents for Rent Inc. for any and all legal fees incurred by Tents for Rent Inc. in connection therewith.

13. CHECK ACCEPTANCE. The amount of the check, along with any state allowable fees, may be collected electronically if the check is returned for insufficient funds.

Prices, policies & terms are subject to change.

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